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For quite a long time, men's golf clothing was synonymous to what they wore off-track. It comprised of simple casual clothing that did not serve any purpose except for style. But since the time Tiger Woods entered the scene, the basic clothing style changed quite a lot. Meanwhile popular golf shirts manufacturers also entered the golf fashion scene, churning out pieces that not only boasted of style but function as well. Hence, over the years the general appreciation for golf oriented clothing has increased as well. Thus, if you want to know about the new rules in golf style, make sure to read on the blog below.

Keep It Street Wear Appropriate

Wear something on the golf course that you wouldn't mind wearing off the course as well. Hence don't opt for anything that is flamboyant or too over the top. Instead stick to neutrals that are easy to pull off and can be paired with other variants of clothing as well. These rules apply for women as well. Therefore, it will be advisable to stick to classic casual pieces for the game.

Breathable Polo Shirt

A self-collared breathable polo shirt is the best top wear you can opt for an easy golf match. Self collared shirt basically means the collar is made of the same fabric as the shirt. Hence it is even more comfortable as the hard fabric wont prick on your neck. In case of features a breathable material can be your best alternative compared to a casual t-shirt as these help to wick away sweat and provide comfortability as well.

Classic Chinos

For the golf course nothing can be as better than a pair of classic chino pants. These are the perfect color that will help you channel your timeless style during the game. For the fabric type, it would be advisable to opt for a stretchable cotton that has double stitched seams so that you can avoid any kind of accidental rips.

Retailers who want to include trendy custom golf shirts in their store can get in touch with one of the popular wholesale golf shirts suppliers. All you need to do is browse through the unique collection of clothing that the manufacturer has in store. After selecting the required pieces of custom logo golf shirts state the bulk needs to the customer care team.
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Yes, we get it! Flannel shirts are the best. And if you don't already have them in your warehouse, you're leaving a lot of money on the table. However, away from the casual, hip, street-style loving crowd, there's this large dapper group who digs dress shirts still. And for them, you must very certainly stock men's dress shirt wholesale.

In fact, here are 3 reasons why you should invest in wholesale dress shirts for men before the season ends and another fashion-wave hits the scene:
bulk blank shirts

Bulk shirts form the very base of apparel retail, since shirts are without a doubt one of the most popular you will find. When it comes to picking a manufacturer for your bulk orders on shirts, it is integral that you partner with the right kind of people.

This will ensure that your overall sales will not be affected and will go on to build over the previous achievements. In this blog, we are going to take a look at what you need to expect from a top level shirts wholesalers and manufacturers!

Let's take a look -
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There are a few things in a woman’s wardrobe that are as versatile and timeless as a classic white shirt. It’s the real deal here, you can wear it all year round in numerous pretty ways and cool beautiful each and every time. If you look through the Instagram posts of popular fashion bloggers, you’ll find inspiration to many cool new looks. But sometimes wearing the same style over and over again can get a tad bit boring, hence in this case, you’ll need some extra tips to create sartorial new looks. Oasis Shirts wholesale is here to provide you with fresh shirts in great values.
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Summer is all about flaunting the preppy prints and quirky patterns. As much as women enjoy styling their apparel for the warm sunny days, men also want to look and feel stylish for their part. There are many ways that men can look fashionable with their outfits with the easiest to style clothes without putting much effort. Be it chambray shirts or the slim fitting polo shirts, there are a flurry of ways that an outfit can be transformed to look cool. There is an assortment of men's shirt wholesale available in the market that can be invested on to create the chicest summer-oriented fashion wardrobe. Follow the couple of look books that are given in the blog to know more.
Picking up the trends that you like and adapting them to your changing body shape is the best way to stay stylish during pregnancy.  The wholesale clothing market has been creating and recreating new looks for the maternity fashion statements, in super-awesome maternity clothes that are not only comfortable but also don’t give up on the key styles elements.

maternity custom shirts

Feel convenient and being fashionable with the baby bump might seem like an oxymoron, but this can be easily achieved these days with the right choice of maternity custom shirts, dresses or jumpers. A lot of would-be mothers feel confused and lose their confidence to dress well, and this makes them choose the slouchiest and boring clothes.

Here are some easy hacks to make your journey of pregnancy stylish and appealing.

Always Show Some Skin 

The scoop neck tees and sweaters or tops are best to show off some cleavage during pregnancy.  Whether you are normally small chested or nor, pregnancy always makes you appear so. Hence, this is the best time period to show some skin confidently, and the scoop neck tanks or tees, and even shirt like tops are best suited.

Go Ahead to Look Skinny

If you enjoy the fitted pants, don’t stay away from them during pregnancy. This is a time when you can try all the ways to appear skinny, and the figure-flattering, body-hugging, skinny trousers and jeans are best choices to try out, with any maternity shirts and tops.  The wholesale manufacturers are bringing the skinny jeans and leather leggings for maternity purposes, and these help you to flaunt your new curves beautifully!

Always Go For The Snug and Not Slouchy

Don’t let the slouchy and baggy clothes make you look bulkier. Hence, reach out for properly fitted clothes, that snug over your body correctly.  Reach out for snug-sleeved tops, skinnier pants, and button-down shirts or blazers left unbuttoned for streamlining your silhouette to a slim looking one.  This can give you a confident, sexy and feminine appeal effortlessly.

Go For Assorted Bold Hues

Instead of sticking to limited black and neutral options, search for clothes in bold hues and tones. From the bulk maternity shirts to dresses, buy everything in assorted range of colors, printed, check and stripes.

The Decorative Detailing

If you want to add some dimension to your attires, try out ruffled trims or embroidered or beaded accents in your clothes. They give more volume and this decorative detailing enhance your confidence too.
Can you imagine a man’s closet without the much essential dress shirts? They are classy, smart, and edgy, helping men to deal with a range of style woes.These shirts are highly versatile and are available in different styles and designs, from super casual to sophisticated formal and much more. The dress shirts have different sorts of collars and cuffs, and these details define the style they offer.

mens designer dress shirts wholesale

Well, there was a time when the dress shirts were just a part of a man’s attire and came in lesser color options, hardly neutrals. They were worn as undergarments with coats, blazers, and jackets.With passing time and changing style trends, this became the ultimate stand-alone fashion quotient for the style conscious men. Today, the wholesale men dress shirts are available in an array of color schemes, fits, silhouettes, and designs. 

If you are not aware of the rules to dress up in these dapper shirts, you should avoid going over the top and start slow and easy with safe colors and patterns. With time, you will gain more confidence and knowledge and this will help you grow through the right style of wearing them, and push you to experiment more. 

This year, the design houses have introduced the widest range of wholesale dress shirts for men. 

Oxford Stripe Slim Fit Dress Shirt

Are you looking for something subtle yet stylish? Then you can easily go for the oxford stripe slim fit dress shirt range that comes in subdued color combinations, like white and blue, or grey and white or black and white.These shirts look great with trousers for office meetings or denim for date nights too. 

Black/White Gingham Dress Shirt

The fusion of contemporary and classic is wonderful and you should definitely own the black/white gingham dress shirt, with double pockets on one side. This shirt genre is very modest looking, and can be worn to parties or to the office with equal grace, through styled differently. 

Soothing Floral Dress Shirt 

The soothing floral printed dress shirts for men are summer perfect, and also a great option for vacations. Go for white and blue or pink and white color combinations and team them up with the white trousers, denim or grey chinos for the most appealing ensemble options possible. 

Slim-Fit Red And Black Buffalo Check/Plaid

For a grunge style stance at night around the town scenes, you can always rely on the red and black classic buffalo check shirt. Make sure it is slim fit in style and offers a wonderful silhouette, helping you to flaunt your assets successfully, crafted by a leading mens designer dress shirts wholesale hub.