Spring is here, and we all are looking forward to get in touch with the most state of the art and flamboyant outfit trends that are surfacing in the global fashion scene.  Cheer up, as the latest trend of wearing the longline flannel shirts is here, and these are quite versatile to be worn for different events, be it valentine’s day date to the airport styles diaries.  The longline flannel plaid shirts can be full sleeve, half sleeve and even sleeveless. They look like shrugs, but basically are the rendition of the classic flannel shirts, with a contemporary twist. 

If you love to wear the timeless checkered flannel shirts in different style statements, it is time to channelize some of the most refreshing ensembles in the longline flannel plaid shirts. To look different this spring, here are some of the most unique and innovative style tips to look absolutely fabulous in the longline flannel shirts.


  • Party wear appropriate
    If you are wearing a single colored red, white, or the black dress for a party or date night, you can easily update the look with some freshness by layering it with the flannel plaid longline shirt in a coordinating color scheme.  This will add some twist to your otherwise plain and simple party dress.  These shirts look great with both stilettoes and boots. 

  • Airport style diary
    Today, airports are no less that fashion ramps and you have to look your best while traveling too. The flannel longline shirts are great travel companions and also render the fusion of style and comfort. You can simply wear one with a tank top or full sleeve tight tee with ripped jeans, and sneakers or boots for the most travel appropriate appealing look. 

  • Beach outings
    This spring, if you are ready to take a beach vacation, you should drop the idea of wearing the same old synthetic coverups, and layer your bikini or swimsuit with the longline flannel plaid shirt for the smartest silhouette. 

  • The athleisure look
    Wear the graphic muscle tee with harem pants after gym, and layer this with the longline simple plaid flannel shirt to get the most coordinated athleisure look. 

  • Retro vibes
    Exude the retro stance as you wear the wide legged pant with the cropped top, and spruce up the classic look with the plaid flannel longline shirt.
Thus, time to update your closet with the newest longline flannel shirt wholesale pieces this spring.