3 Dress Shirts That Every Man Must Have In Their Wardrobe

Dress shirts are formal essentials that every man has in their wardrobe. Though there are three versions of the same that should be the first choice for an awe-inspiring appearance.

The vast realm of work wear is truly difficult to navigate. There are too many options available, however, one misstep and it can absolutely sabotage your sartorial expedition. No matter how relaxed or staunch the dressing code is in your work place is, there is no fault in looking sharp. And as for that, a dress shirt is the perfect pick. But it is time to experiment with the colors of the same. Want to know which are the ones you need right now? Give the following article a read. 

White dress shirt

A white dress shirt is the most staple item in a man’s wardrobe for reasons simple- they are extravagant in their own term that when coupled with the right outfit creates a panache unparalleled. No pattern, no motif, just the plain white shirt. It looks so right aesthetically that it is the most preferred piece in the closet. It is classic. It is subtle. It is beautiful. Though you can wear a white dress shirt in millions of ways owing to its versatile nature, for a more conservative appearance, team it with a pair of black chinos and loafers. 

Blue dress shirt

If you are a minimalist and want to keep your attire as simple as the word can get, then a blue dress shirt is all you need. Wholesale mens shirts manufacturers have an inventory of them that boasts of comfort and excellence. The soothing texture of shirt is complemented by the modern design that makes it a worthy investment. Moreover, the shirt gives an edge over the formal wear, balancing smart and casual well. Team it with a pair of black chinos and complete the look with a pair of loafers to appear conventional yet spontaneous. 

Pink dress shirt 

Though many might just not agree with this, a pink dress shirt is sexy and adds to the charm of a man instantly. If you are a believer in heritage styles, then this is the piece for you. Pick a shade of pink that suits your skin tone and team it with the right pair of chinos (preferably a darker shade) and derby.  Keep the rest of the ensemble simple and sans accessories to let the shirt be the hero of the attire. Also, be sure to pick a pink dress shirt that fits you perfectly and complements your stature. 

So what are you waiting for? Make a pick, choose any shade you want to and impress all the onlookers around you. Retailers can make a purchase of wholesale dress shirts in bulk from top manufacturers. They have more shades to add to the one already mentioned. Register for unrestricted access to the inventory.


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