Chic New Ways To Wear Your White Button-Down Shirt

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There are a few things in a woman’s wardrobe that are as versatile and timeless as a classic white shirt. It’s the real deal here, you can wear it all year round in numerous pretty ways and cool beautiful each and every time. If you look through the Instagram posts of popular fashion bloggers, you’ll find inspiration to many cool new looks. But sometimes wearing the same style over and over again can get a tad bit boring, hence in this case, you’ll need some extra tips to create sartorial new looks. Oasis Shirts wholesale is here to provide you with fresh shirts in great values.

Work Girl

The first idea is about incorporating the white shirt into the formal wear setting. Tuck a crisp white cotton shirt into a high waisted skirt and finish off the look with a belt. Glitzy loafers are a cool option to bring some change to the look, otherwise stick to glossy pumps.

Satin Lover

Tuck a satin white shirt into a navy blue trouser and add a suede blazer to the look. Charcoal grey blazer will be better otherwise if you want to add some feminine vibe to the look, then opt for a dusky pink blazer. Finish off the look with strappy heels or solid black stilettoes.

Date Mate

For a date wearing a white shirt can definitely seal the deal. You can find shirts with floral detailing in the collar at shirts suppliers which can be easily worn with a skinny jean. But if you want something a little daring but less sleazy then wear a black slip dress and layer a white shirt over it knotted at the front. For shoes, choose converse as a surprise change.

Bouquet Power

On a casual night out with friends for a movie, go for minimalistic outfit where the make-up will play a big part. All you need is a white shirt and a printed high waisted flared pants. The highlight maybe the make-up but the subject will be the shirt around which all the colors will play. Keep the shoes on a neutral zone cause too much color can kill the ensemble.

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