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Gone are the days when shirts used to be worn with the agenda to look formal and polished for the official events. Today, the tables have turned, and the designers have started introducing the shirts in the widest range of styles and designs that make this clothing genre super versatile and you can choose each of them separately for parties, formal events or for other casual occasions.  They have become more laid back, chic and hot for the women who love to sport them instead of the usual tees and tops. From dressing up to dressing down, for relaxing at the beach or looking strictly stylish at some social function, these shirts come to your recuse and add innovativeness to your attire. 

There are a number of styles in the wholesale bulk shirts product category of the manufacturers and the retail stores can source their supply from the reputed wholesale hubs.

Here are some of the brand new shirt trends that you can watch out for. 

Dramatic with long line shirts

Do you want to opt for a different kind of dressing sense in a shirt? Well, go completely offbeat with the longline oversized shirts that lend a relaxed vibe with a very casual and sexy flair.  You can simply wear them like short shirts dresses with boots or with sandals at the clubs or beach outings. Also, they can be worn with the leather or mesh leggings with a belt cinched on the waist, with collared neckpiece to add a bling which you must carry for a very different style statement.

Something amorous with off-shoulder shirts

Today, the ruffles, the lace work and fringes are gaining huge popularity amongst the fashion forward girls to wear something romantic and more importantly something fun and feminine.  The off-shoulder wholesale shirts are definitely very different in shirt genre as they come without collars, and you can wear yours with a pencil skirt or high-waist denim shorts for casual occasions.

Go smart and chic with the striped ones 

The striped shirts are very chic and they not only come in vertical and horizontal patterns but also in a wide array of colors, and cuts or silhouettes.  From the cropped ones to be worn with fitness leggings for athleisure, to the oversized stripes shirts worn as a dress or the fitted ones to be worn with the pencil skirts, options are galore! Thus, these are very much in trend these days. 

Night around the town with the sheer shirts

For the clubbing scenes or night around the town plans, women must try effortlessly sexy attires.  The sheer shirts can be printed or single colored, worn with skirts, or with colourful bras at the pool parties and much more.  

Thus, bank from the best shirts in bulk wholesale and get the hottest ensembles.