Time To Add Some Chicness To The Slim Fit Flannel Shirts At Every Occasion

The flannels shirts have always been in trend since time immemorial and have been in craze for the women, too. They embody the retro timeless stance, and wearing them not only infuse a very nostalgic aura but also offer the comfort of the flannel fabric. The flannel shirts are there to be forever, and are available in a wide array of styles, cuts, colors and designs. There was a time when the oversized flannel shirts were in more demand, but now the girls have started falling for the slim fit flannel shirts that speak of sexiness and body hugging smartness. 

There are lots of bloggers and trendsetters who appear in the streets wearing these shirts in ideal ways and you can take different tips from them. Also the ramp shows and the celebs sport these shirts in different ways and prove that they will never fade away from the world of fashion.


Here are some of the style ideas to wear the hip and happening tight- fitted flannel plaid shirts. 

Carry the statement neckpieces

Make sure to wear the slim fit flannel shirt tucked in to your skirt or denim pant with buttoned up style, and add the blingy statement neckpiece to the collar.  This is one of the common yet the most wonderful fashion statements that should be carried off at the parties with high heeled stilettoes. Make sure to keep some contrast in colors as you try this look. 

The vintage look

How about wearing a preppy 1970's vintage looking outfit? For this you can wear the slim fit flannel shirt with the wide legged denim or cotton trousers and the platform heels for the most preppy and retro feel.   Carry the backpack with you to complete the look with a finishing edge. 

Sexy cut offs 

Add the slim fit flannel shirt to the sexy denim cut off, and wear this with the retro sunglasses and the hairband added to the top knot hairstyle.  The ankle length leather boots would look great with this combination. 

To the party nights 

Your plaid top can be tied around the waist and updated with cool black leather jacket. Wear the little black dress with leather jacket, and add the colorful plaid shirt to your hip and break the all black monotony, effortlessly. 

Thus, time to have the best slim fit custom flannel shirts to your closet at the soonest.


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